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Terms and Payment



Terms and Conditions

1. Fees are shared equally between the parties.

2. Fees do not include agreed expenses such as room hire, catering, and the Mediator’s travelling costs if outside of Devon. All of which can be estimated at the time mediation fees are quoted.

3. Where a party is represented by solicitors, the invoice will be addressed to those solicitors, who must accept liability for agreed charges and expenses.



4. The first 2 hours mediation fee is payable 5 working days in advance of the mediation.

5. A final balancing invoice will be issued and become payable within 5 working days following the mediation.

6. Interest will be charge at 10% over base rate on amounts overdue.



7. Where a cancellation is made after the mediation date has been agreed but more than 10 working days, the cancellation is free of charge.

8. Where a cancellation is made within 10 working days the cancellation charge is 50% of the first two hour charge.

9. Where a cancellation is made within 48 hours the full 2 hour charge is payable.

10.All agreed expenses incurred by the mediator will be payable in full.


Mediation Fees

Interpersonal Disputes
£250 Up to 2 hours Subsequent Hours £100

Commercial/Workplace Disputes
£300 Up to 2 hours Subsequent Hours £125

These fees are shared between all parties involved in the mediation process.