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About Mediation


is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, out of court method of resolving disputes or conflict between two or more parties. It is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) where a third party, the mediator,  helps the parties concerned to negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

It is confidential, everything said to the mediator by the parties will not be repeated to anyone.

The mediator is impartial, we do not take sides with any party, we  have no vested interest in any specific outcome. Our role is to facilitate the parties to reach an agreement for themselves.

Our role is not to judge the parties in anyway, their background, class, gender, ethnicity or for what caused the conflict. It is our job to look to the future and how the parties can make things better for the future.

The Process of Mediation

The first stage of the process is for the mediator to make contact with one of the parties, explain the role of the mediator and the process, including the ground rules. To then  find out about the situation and what the person wants.  This may need individual meetings or be achieved on the telephone or email.

To then do the same for the other party or parties concerned.

The mediator will then prepare for face to face meetings with all parties, and then contact the parties with a date, time and venue for the meetings.

At the face to face meetings all parties will be given equal opportunity and uninterrupted time to explain their view on the situation.

It is the role of the mediator at these meetings to help the disputants  explore and understand any differences that they have so that they come to a solution to the problem.

Whatever is agreed at this meeting can be, if both parties want it, put into a written agreement.

There are some changes to this process with Commercial Mediation.