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Malcolm Busby

Malcolm Busby is an Independent Mediator specializing in Interpersonal, Workplace and Commercial disputes.

His many years experience in business as a Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer make him ideally suited to help parties who are in dispute. He has travelled extensively throughout the world and has gained much knowledge and skill in communicating within different cultures.

Malcolm has a BA degree in Social Sciences and Economics, and an LLB (Hons). He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management and a Graduate Paralegal. He holds a Mediator’s Practitioner’s Certificate.

After a successful business career, but with a life long interest in the legal system and how this impacts on everyday life, he feels passionately that it is the right of everyone that they are able to seek a means to resolve any dispute they are faced with, in an accessible and non-threatening way.

Malcolm’s aim is that through mediation, parties in dispute are able to resolve their differences in a fair and mutually acceptable manner. At a cost that is reasonable and equitable.