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Benefits of Mediation

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Mediation is a fast way to resolve disputes, most mediation takes only one day and in some cases only a matter of hours.


All meetings are held in private so there is no risk of exposure.


It offers more flexible solutions than the court process, which is confined by the rule of law. A wider range of solutions may be achieved that can include actions other than financial pay outs.


The costs are divided equally between the parties and are a fraction of the costs that might be incurred in a long drawn out dispute in the courts. The fees are fixed and agreed upon before the process begins and there are no hidden extras.


It is a voluntary process so the parties may walk away at any time during the process. The parties concerned can reach an agreement that they both feel comfortable with.

Avoids Court

The mediation process avoids court and all the time, expense and stress that might be associated with the legal process.

Without Prejudice

Nothing which is discussed or disclosed during the mediation process can be used if mediation fails and the dispute later goes to court.


In court one party has to lose. With mediation, both parties win because they reach their own agreement.